From September 24 to October 13, 2019 let's adopt the right attitude. It's time to sort the cupboards in zero waste mode. Share the good news among your beloved ones, friends and colleagues and go to La mâle d'effeenne.

Take back old clothes and in return a nice present for this gift. In order to encourage recycling, for the first time, La male d'Effeenne is launching a communication campaign called "Zero Waste Fashion" to raise public awareness on this subject. No profit is generated on this operation the collected items are taken to the French Red Cross.

All like cosmetics and household waste, clothes, too, have the right to a second life. In France, according to Eco TLC, 600,000 tons of clothing are put on the French market every year. Recycling your clothes means helping to reduce waste and limit pollution.

Today, we all know that to preserve our environment, it is necessary to recycle. Today, some big names such as H & M, Boulanger, Levi's and NUDIE JEANS are making occasional collections, ideal if you want to change your wardrobe while doing a good deed.

So we help to wear, recycle, transform and postpone clothing while making a gesture for the planet.

How does it works ?

The principle of collection is simple: Sort your clothes at home (clothes and linens clean, dry and in a closed bag). Take your bag of linen to our shop La mâle d'effeenne at 22 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris. We will take care of everything. We will bring your clothes to the French Red Cross.

So, "rendez-vous" to collect your memories. 

Give new life to your clothes is good for the Planet.

La mâle d’effeenne – 22 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris

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