How to wear perfume.

For years perfume invites to escape, to an imaginary journey of meaning and spirit through olfactory landscapes. The story of each fragrance is told in scents, through a careful selection of raw materials, and in drawings drawn in Chinese ink, the illustration becoming the meaning of the essence.


Wear perfume is good, being perfumed is better. A pleasant habit for oneself and a gesture that makes the day of others better (it is nice to work, to be sitting in the transport near someone who smells good). Being perfumed, when applied properly, has the power to put people down. What is the secret? Apply it sparingly and in the right places.

Here are some tips for scenting yourself that hold your favorite essence for long hours.

Unless you prefer to follow Coco Chanel’s advice: Perfume where you want to be kissed!



The hair retains the scent of the perfume, it is possible to spray the hair directly but it is more effective to perfume hair brush before styling. The smell will be gently settle from the root to the tips.


This is where the perfume stands best. The smell will spread perfectly when you kiss someone and shake your head. A strategic place that works every time.


The chest is a very good place to apply your perfume​ since it will perfume your shirt and will wrap with a sweet smell whoever you could hug in your arms.


Be sure to apply the right amount of perfume to this area. The scent applied to your neck will blend with your natural scent, creating a unique and very personal fragrance.


This body's area beautifully diffuses the smell of your perfume. Thanks to the gestures of our elbows and thus of our arms, the essence remains and diffuses all around us, according to our movements. You can also spray your clothes: the neck of a wool sweater and the inside of the sleeve are strategic places.


This may sound a little shady, but this technique works very well when you want to diffuse your perfume in a subtle way. A new trick to adopt.


If you like to wear short clothes, this gesture is for you. The perfume will adapt to your gait and spread in the air. Feel free to spray the hem of your skirt or shorts, the essence will spread when you cross the legs.



On the right occasions

Wearing your perfume is not necessary at work, but it is generally acceptable. A great event, such as a wedding, a funeral, a party, or an evening can be a good opportunity to wear perfume. If you go out in a can, for example, applying a lot of perfume might not be a very good idea. The mixture could smell much worse than your body smell alone.

Depending on the occasion. 

Many men prefer to wear their perfume during the day, at work, and a totally different perfume when they go out. It is often recommended to wear a light and tangy scent for afternoons and professional environments, and a stronger fragrance with spicy or musky notes for the evening.


If you tend to sweat a lot, do not apply perfume where you sweat to mask body odors. The smell of perspiration does not mix well with the perfume, so be careful not to apply your cologne in the wrong places.

The product would not smell good if you applied it on dirty skin, and by spraying it on dry skin, it would not last very long.

Rubbing the cologne on your skin would change the smell and the fragrance would dissipate more quickly. Just spray or tamp the product and let it dry on your skin. Especially do not rub your skin.

Avoid wearing perfume with scented deodorant or aftershave. The smells might not marry well, and you might smell like the perfumery department of a large surface.

Do not apply cologne to your genitals as this could cause irritation.

The advice of La mâle:

  • Never apply so much perfume as it is unpleasant to others. People should notice YOU and not your perfume
  • According to many books, if someone is able to identify the perfume or the cologne you wear, it is because you are wearing too much.

Shake the codes of beauty, forget the rules. Follow your intuition. Beauty is an attitude. A way to play and seduce. 

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