The story of an encounter 

For the first time, the Italian painter: Nathalie Serero will exhibit at the boutique and concept store: the male effeenne in Paris. 


Passionate about the domes of Italian churches and the Renaissance, she learned the colour, the movement, the emotion that overflows and follows the canvas: the star of absolute happiness to paint. 

The artist loves life, on the surface of the skin, on the surface of the canvas, and pays tribute to it in its arabesques and symphonic colours. 

She also likes to quote Raoul Dufy when he says that painting is about making an image appear that is not that of the natural appearance of things, but, that has the strength of reality. 

Finally, it reminds us that "a painting lives only by the one who looks at it" (Picasso).


Nathalie Serero's work has two levels of reading:

The first one arouses emotion, it brings optimism and hope in a world where everything goes too fast. 

As for the second, it is based on symbols that are sometimes hidden in the canvas, such as these keys that represent the artist's answers to his inner questions.


Her work inspired a magnificent creation with Nico and François. Indeed, a dress and a vest will be presented during the opening. An exceptional collaboration to be discovered from September 15 to October 15. 


But, it is not the only event that La mâle d'effeenne will organize in this first month of school. Indeed, September is a sign of change or renewal. This year, the store allows you to drop off your old clothes to recycle them or give them a second life with the Red Cross. Stay connected to get all the information....

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