For your next break, think about Le Barbouquin 

Looking for an incomparable place for your next brunch? Don’t go further, La mâle proposes you the Barbouquin! Barbouquin !


After a stint in the world of literature and a passion for street art, it was naturally that Yohanna Uzan, owner of the café, decided to open a café this place. A place combining books and a gourmet break that welcomes you every day excepted on Tuesday.


Located in the Belleville district, the former post office relay has been transformed into an incomparable place that we all want to keep secret. A small 40m2 nugget with vintage decoration and various influences creating a cocoon far from Paris where we would spend hours reading the many second-hand books lining the walls. 


Let yourself be surprised by the program offered by the place! Indeed, Barbouquin offers exhibitions or even coffee-poetry but don't ask when, because Yohanna doesn't like regular things and likes to surprise visitors... 

Sandrine Ha

For the new school year, La mâle d'effeenne offers a small selection of books for the new school year.

  1. La maison de Emma Becker - "I always thought I was writing about men. Before I realized I only write about women. About being one. Writing about whores, who are paid to be women, who are really women, who are just that; writing about the absolute nakedness of this condition is like examining my sex under a microscope. And I feel the same fascination as a laboratory technician looking at cells essential to any form of life."
  2. Soit de Amélie Nothomb - "To feel thirsty you have to be alive. »
  3. Le bal des folles de Victoria Mas - Every year, in mid-Lent, there is a very strange Bal des Folles.  For one evening, All Paris clings to waltz and polka tunes with women dressed as colombines, gypsies, zouaves and other musketeers. Spread over two rooms - on the one hand the idiots and the epileptics; on the other hand the hysterical, the crazy and the maniacs - this ball is actually one of Charcot's last experiments, wishing to make women like the others sick at the Salpetrière. Among them, Eugénie, Louise and Geneviève, whose journey Victoria Mas traces, in this first novel, which exposes the female condition in the 19th century.

Le Barbouquin 

1 rue Denoyez

75020 Paris

09 84 32 13 21

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