Vitrine la male d'effeenne marais Paris situé au 22 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris

In the heart of the Marais District


Nico and François have joined forces and expertise to offer a unique experience in the world of Fashion: “La mâle d’effeenne”. Together, they find remarkable pieces such as men’s, women’s, accessories, as well as leather goods, interior decoration and scents.

A concept store that combines traditional and contemporary products creating a universe of choice.

Sometimes you have to dream with your eyes open to forget reality and give yourself a moment of freedom. So let's get into their dream, shamelessly and uninhibited.

Meet our creators



Born in Montmartre, graduated Designer and Pattern drafter in ESMOD Paris, François developed his skills at DIOR Hommes. As designer assistant, he became coordinator of international licensing collections and then responsible of quality control.
He continued his career at LACOSTE. He coordinated the Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Textile Accessories collections in 11 countries around the world, and then led the team at the world’s creative studio. Finally, he united the specific Asian and Mercosur collections.
Wanting to pass on his knowledge, François continued his career by teaching in various fashion and marketing schools and then became a trainer of professional training.  It transmits its dynamism to develop and perpetuate collections in the world of Fashion and Luxury.
What could be more logical, then and at the same time, to found this concept store with Nico? This “universe of choice” is indicative of his desire to make Fashion accessible, personal and to respond to those desires that we all have: to feel well in our outfits, in our interior and to find the gifts that make our friends happy.


Ciao Raggazzi!

Born in Tuscany and already passionate about Fashion, he began his career in jewelry but it was Visual Merchandising that took him to London where he worked with major brands bringing him closer to the world of Luxury. Back in Tuscany, he opened up to 4 ready-to-wear and decoration shops in Arezzo. 10 years later, he landed in Paris and joined one of the most prestigious Houses in the world: Louis Vuitton.
His rich experiences have fed him the desire to materialize his appetite for Creation. So he get back to school to specialize in design and sewing at Esmod Paris. He learns the know-how of Haute Couture, embroidery and finally the excellence of meticulous manual work.
What could be more logical to found this concept store with François? This “universe of choice” is indicative of his mastery of assortments, of the expression of a theatrical universe although accessible bringing together brands from all over the world. In the workshop specially designed in the shop, come and discover where the creations come to life: from embroidered accessories to couture clothing, live the experience of this universe of choice.

Remember the Name

La Mâle d'Effeenne

What does it actually mean ?

« La » :

In Italian or French, common names do not always have the same gender: LA maglietta is THE t-shirt (feminin), THE mask (masculin) is LA maschera. So let’s be “gender fluid”. This attitude is reflected in our selections of clothes or scents = who loves it, wears it.

“Mâle” :

It’s the male, of course, with an ulterior motive to Jean-Paul Gaultier. It is also an evocation of the “container” which is in an attic that we rediscover by chance and with pleasure. When you open it, there is a whole scent of the past and of memories, temporarily forgotten that come back in the light of our daily lives with nostalgia.

« D’Effeenne »

Italians pronounce the initials with emphasis and write them with sophistication. You are in François and Nico’s universe. Their initials “FN” break the dream in French but they take you into a world of choice if they are pronounced in Italian “EFFE-ENNE”

Made in Paris


It is possible to admire or even order custom-made pieces thanks to the workshop where Nico and François combine their technical and artistic expertise. Passionate about embroidery, feathers and leather work, they are able to make custom pieces and satisfy the desires of their customers. A know-how and mastery worthy of a prestigious work.